Mike Vaccaro = Philistine

Mike Vaccaro is a clown for mocking the Modern Pentathlon as a silly sport. The fact is that the Modern Pentathalon is one of the greatest competitions of the Olympics. Forget synchronized swimming and the floor routines in gymnastics - the Modern Pentathlon is the real deal. Vaccaro's observation is that no one watches the Modern Pentathlon - but they do watch gymnastics and softball so those are the sports we should devote our attentions to and forget sublime sports like the Modern Pentathlon. How pathetic and sad - he probably watched all of the interminable Beach Volleyball that NBC subjected its viewing audience to over the past week.

Created by Baron Pierre de Coubertin as the ultimate test of well rounded athleticism it is certainly one of my favorite Olympic sports. The people who run the Olympic games should exalt in the wonders of this complex competition. They should also reduce the number of events in the Olympics and force all competitors to perform all their events in the nude.


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