Dem Convention

I'm sort of a political junkie so I really enjoy watching the Conventions of both major political parties (I even tune in to C-SPAN to catch the Libertarian and other minor party conventions) but I'm finding this Democrat Convention in Denver hard to watch. Not simply because I disagree with their platform and rhetoric, or the staging and to be honest, just as in years past, I find myself very entertained just viewing the odd-balls who make up the sea of Democrat delegates - much funnier looking people on average than the Republicans. No, the problem is that there is a strange energy emanating from Denver, a boredom and flatness which is palpable to anyone watching or listening at home. And it's the same old crap, with the same old speakers - a point that is perfectly articulated in this New York Sun editorial - that is throwing a wet blanket over the entire proceeding. The Republicans have a very low bar to get over next week in order to appear the more coherent, energetic and unified party to control the White House for the next 4 years. Maybe Obama can pull a rabbit out of his hat (literally) or perform some other magic trick tonight and transform the entire event, but I bet his "Nuremberg" moment falls flat and ends up looking like sweet frosting on a dirt cake.


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