Brokebutt Mountain

Well, the Oscar race is over.
It's Brokeback Mountain in a walk. Except a best actress award for Felicity Huffman in TransAmerica (a woman playing a man who becomes a woman) and a best actor award for Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote (a homosexual man who acts like a woman).

This projection is based on the voting of the Hollywood Foreign Press at the Golden Globe Awards most of whom I suppose are homosexuals. I look forward to next year when the awards shows can honor Brokeback Mountain 2: The Transspecies Odyssey. This is the touching story of the Brokeback Mountain boys who are conflicted over their homosexual love and start loving their sheep instead. One of the boys decides he wants to change his species and become a sheep so that he can fully express his passion. Baaaaaah. However the other Brokeback boy is uncomfortable with the idea of his boyfriend changing his species and so decides to have a butt baby sheep by artificial insemination using the latest in biotechnology. Of course the simple minded country people don't understand the love that drives the Brokeback Mountain boys, but what can you expect from philistines filled with religious fueled hatred and prejudice.


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