OK, you're a Philistine

"'The Gates' is an abomination. Call me a Philistine, but how can one improve on trees, lakes and rocky outcroppings with miles of plastic-treated cloth? " wrote ANDREA PEYSER in a valentine hate note to Christo and Jeanne-Claude published in the NYPost.

Well, what crawled up her butt? I mean this isn't a permanent exhibit - she doesn't have to live with The Gates forever, only for about two weeks. Also, I think The Gates are bright and fun - my kids love them - and they bring a lot of people into the park on a cold Feb. weekend. The restaurants on the upper west side have been packed since The Gates went up. It's not as if The Gates have upside down US flags hanging from them or contain pots of Cristos poop at the base of each orange gate. God knows what many a contemporary artist would inflict on the psyches of New Yorkers were they allotted $20 million and a canvas as large as central park. Imagine what Bruce Nauman or Jeff Koons would do with that much cash and property!


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