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The Way It Should Be...

  • Everything about the league should be cut by 1/4 - the number of teams, The number of players on a team, The number of games played in a season, the size of the stadiums, etc. 
  • No one should suit up before Labor Day and the Super Bowl should be played before Christmas. 
  • There should be no Sudden Death except in play-off games - The Super Bowl should have no sudden death overtime. 
  • NFC teams should not have Cheerleaders. 
  • The Dallas Cowboys should be moved to the AFC and the Cleveland Browns should be moved to the NFC. 
  • There should be no domed stadiums or artificial turf. 
  • Greatest: There are Three great teams - the Packers, the Redskins and the Browns. 

NCAA Football 
  • There should be no ranking of College football teams - No such thing as a National Champion. 
  • No Sudden Death overtime in College Football. 
  • The Rose Bowl should always be Pac 10 champ vs. Big 10 champ. 
  • The Cotton Bowl should always be Big 12 champ vs. SEC champ. 
  • The Sugar Bowl should always be ACC champ vs. Big East Champ. 
  • There should be 3-5 other bowl games (Gator, Peach, etc.) the Orange Bowl should be abolished. 
  • There should be no corporate sponsorship of the Bowl Games. 
  • Half time shows should be restricted to marching bands. 
  • All Bowl games should be played on New Years Day. 
  • Greatest: University of Michigan Wolverines. 

  • Season should start after Halloween and end in March. No hockey allowed below the Mason-Dixon line. 
  • No fighting allowed. 
  • Greatest:? 

  • Season should not start until after New Years and should end by April15th. 
  • No overtime until play-offs No one taller than 6'4'' should be allowed to play. 
  • Honestly, if the NBA just disappeared I would not miss it one bit. 
  • Greatest Boston Celtics 

NCAA Basketball 
  • Just about right. Season starts too early, but other than that I am fine with the format. 
  • Greatest: ACC Basketball 

  • Baseball season should run from April 1st to Labor Day. 
  • Baseball should be played during the daylight hours only. 
  • AL and NL teams should not meet until World Series. 
  • It goes without saying that there should be no Domes, plastic fields, metal bats, tri-colored uniforms, etc. 
  • Eliminate the DH. 
  • Greatest: NY Yankees 

  • No funny outfits. 
  • Greatest: Arnold Palmer 

  • Players should be required to wear "whites" on the court. 
  • Must play with wooden racquets. 
  • Greatest: Rod Laver 

The playing of songs like "We are the Champions/We Will Rock You", "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Start Me Up" should be banned from all sporting events.


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